Meet the staff behind all of our Pure Snickety Vegan Body Care products.


As a child, our founder loved mixing all sorts of body care products to achieve better results that what they offered on their own. Then, she discovered essential oils and their wonderful healing benefits through her sister, Cerise, in 2011. Since then, she has been blending oils into her store-bought skin and body care products to better their effectiveness.

Then it struck her… Why not make these products without using store-bought lotions, facial cleansers, etc. that have a myriad of chemicals in them, including the ones that claim to be natural? She decided to make a sugar body scrub from natural ingredients and essential oils for a friend and “viola!” she found her passion. After her friend’s daughter noticed a decrease in her eczema on her feet after using the scrub, Sally discovered that what she loved to do could also benefit others and plans to create Pure Snickety began. She looks forward to adding more body care products to the Pure Snickety line.



-Company Mascots-

Our wonderful, unconditionally loving supporters, best friends, shadows, wet kiss givers, and giggle causing mascots… Odin,  Chance,  Angus,  Frankie,  Stupid,  Coco…   Read more


Picture of owner, Sally

-Sally, CEO & Founder-

Sally is the creator of Pure Snickety and the “nose” behind the essential oils scent blends in all of our products. She is a military veteran, animal lover, music fan, book nerd, gamer, and nature lover….   Read more



Virginia loves gardening and taking drives with her husband, Walter, on the weekends. Virginia assists her daughter, Sally, with blending our final products….   Read more



Shanna is all about family and friends and loves to be on the move. She is always willing to lend her support and honest opinion….   Read more


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