Who We Are

Pure Snickety is a company creating small, hand-blended batches of natural vegan body care products using essential oil.

We started in April of 2012 with the idea that the same results, or better, can be achieved using pure all natural vegan body care products using essential oil instead of products made with numerous man-made chemicals and artificial fragrances that are shown to be not only bad for the skin, but for the body as a whole, and the environment.

Pure Snickety is the art of being picky about your skin and body care. Choosing the worlds finest ingredients that are simple, vegan, natural, contain healing essential oil, and are full of pure elements is the best way to ensure the health of your skin and body. Here, at Pure Snickety, we only chose ingredients that have proven their ability to care for your skin and body as naturally as possible. You deserve purity!


All of our final natural vegan body care products have been hand blended, are cruelty free, use only naturally derived ingredients, and use organic content when available. Our vegan products are labeled as vegan for your convenience.


PURE – Simple and natural ingredients infused with healthy essential oil.

SNICKETY – Satisfy your discerning right-brain while nurturing your senses with refreshing citrus, earthy woods and roots, soothing herbs, warm spices, exotic floral, and high quality oils.


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