Vegan Body Care Products

Pure Snickety artisan vegan body care products using essential oil


Pure Snickety is the art of being picky about your body care.

Our artisan products are hand-blended, vegan and cruelty free, made from naturally derived ingredients using organic content when possible and are fragranced using only pure essential oils.

-Be picky about purity-

We clearly mark our vegan body care products to assist you in your purchase choice. 

When possible, we reuse old shipping materials and boxes in an effort to lessen our impact on the environment.

Our bottles and jars are recyclable.

PURE – Simple and natural ingredients infused with healthy essential oils.

SNICKETY – Satisfy your discerning right-brain while nurturing your senses with refreshing citrus, earthy woods and roots, soothing herbs, warm spices, exotic floral, and high quality oils.

Vegan               Organic Content               Sulfate and Paraben Free

Today, there are numerous chemicals in skin and body care products, even in products that claim to be natural. While some chemicals may be beneficial, with little-to-no harm to the skin, others can be harsh on both the skin, body, and the environment. Since the skin absorbs these chemicals into the body, it is best, in our humble opinion, to avoid the majority of them. Here, at Pure Snickety, we only chose ingredients that have proven their ability to care for your skin and body as naturally as possible. We make every effort to include organic content in our products and all of our products are Vegan.

You deserve purity!

Our products will be launching on the retail market September 1, 2012! Check back often for online shopping capabilities and product launch specials.

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