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COMING SOON!!! – Seasonal Scents FALL FABULOUS: A very special, yummy, pumpkin and gingerbread scent blend is on its way! Perfect for adding to our Calming and Uplifting blends to give them a Fall Fabulous touch. WINTER WONDERFUL: A wonderful, frankincense and myrrh scent blend will be available for addition to our Relaxing blend this … Continue reading


Zit Zapping Neem

  See on Scoop.it – Pure Snickety – Trending Beauty The following is a guest post by Christy Casusol. She’s not only vegan, compassionate and stylish, but she knows a thing or two about cruelty-free skincare! Be sure to check her out on Tumblr!   Hello beautiful VBR readers! I think it’s been well over … Continue reading

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Pure Snicketys Vegan Body Care Blog can be located on our main site. This blog is for the personal thoughts and experiences of Pure Snickety Vegan Body Care founder, Sally. Some posts may be on our body care products. Some may be on veganism, natural beauty, and aromatherapy. However, most posts will be random, fleeting … Continue reading