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COMING SOON!!! – Seasonal Scents FALL FABULOUS: A very special, yummy, pumpkin and gingerbread scent blend is on its way! Perfect for adding to our Calming and Uplifting blends to give them a Fall Fabulous touch. WINTER WONDERFUL: A wonderful, frankincense and myrrh scent blend will be available for addition to our Relaxing blend this … Continue reading

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Product Profile #1

Original Post – Product Profile #1 – Pure Snickety Body Care Main Site. Product: Ultra Moisturizing Body Butter in our Calming Essential Oil Blend “It smells like vanilla icing on a warm sugar cookie!” The Basics: All of our body butter products start from a wonderful, lightly scented, vanilla base. We use a vanilla beans … Continue reading


Zit Zapping Neem

  See on Scoop.it – Pure Snickety – Trending Beauty The following is a guest post by Christy Casusol. She’s not only vegan, compassionate and stylish, but she knows a thing or two about cruelty-free skincare! Be sure to check her out on Tumblr!   Hello beautiful VBR readers! I think it’s been well over … Continue reading