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Saturdays Snickety Tip #10

Saturdays Snickety Tip #10: Go Trunk or Treating!

Vegan and Non-Vegan Halloween Idea

This Saturday, I want to introduce you to the tip of going Trunk or Treating on Halloween instead of or in addition to traditional Trick or Treating. If you have never heard of Trunk or Treating, or want to learn more about it, and you want to better control what your kids get in their candy bag this Halloween, this post is for you!

Tip 1: What is Trunk or Treating?

Trunk or Treating is a popular Halloween trend among churches and in some cases, schools. The goals of the churches and schools are as different as they are. However, the idea behind it is the same. Basically, a group of people get together in a parking lot with their trunks decorated. The cars park in at least two rows with their trunks open facing each other. Kids get to go from decorated trunk to trunk to get their treats instead of door to door.

Tip 2: Why Trunk or Treat?

Trunk or Treating focuses on a community of like-minded people who typically know each other. It is an opportunity to have more control over what goodies your children get on Halloween and who they get them from. In many ways, Trunk or Treating is safer than traditional Trick or Treating, but that is not the only benefit. It fosters a sense of community. It allows you and your children to get to know others in your area with similar goals or lifestyles.

It is great for Vegans!

Trunk or Treating is great for Vegans because it provides a fun alternative that won’t leave your children feeling left out on Halloween. Reach out to your Veggie friends, family, and community. Talk to the manager and/or owner of your local health food market. You may be surprised to find that they already have something like this planned or have been looking for a way to reach out to the community. Take control of this years Halloween experience, give your kids great memories and a sense of community, and discover fellow Vegans in your area. Start planning your Trunk or Treat event today!


*This tip was inspired by a tweet by @GoLoveVegan: What am i to do with my vegan children on Halloween? I think Trick or Treating is out of the question? Any thoughts? #HelpAppreciated x


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