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Saturdays Snickety Tip #8

Saturdays Snickety Tip #8: Chose a company that cares about what you want!

Pure Snickety Vegan Body Care is dedicated to making you happy. We value our customers and blog visitors. It is our goal to provide you with great tips, information, and products that are truly of value and enhance your every day life.

This tip isn’t just about Pure Snickety!

There are many small businesses, work from home mothers, and companies that also have this goal. You have a wide variety to chose from so, why not pick the ones that really care about YOU?

Take the time to get to know a companies “personality” and research the ingredients in their products or their credentials if they provide a service. We suggest that you chose from smaller companies that don’t care only about the all mighty dollar. This type of company certainly needs to pay its bills, but their number one goal is not to fatten shareholder pockets. In many cases, a small company is following their passion and being their authentic selves. While having an income is just as important to them as it is to you, amassing a fortune is rarely their goal.

Another part of this tip?

Shop local, at farmers and craft markets, shop Etsy, which, is a wonderful source for homemade products, and look for local merchant kiosks and displays in stores that you regularly frequent. Often, these products are from a very small business that is living dollar to dollar. They are businesses that need and deserve our support! Walmart certainly doesn’t!

So, back to us here at Pure Snickety…

Make this company your company by choosing what you want us to create for you. Let us know what products you would like us to create, what scents you would like us to use in our blends, etc. We started this company after having success creating special blends for ourselves and those we love. That goal has not changed and it never will.

Keep an eye out for our upcoming poll where you can vote on what comes next from Pure Snickety.

If you enjoyed this tip, please pass it on.

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