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Today, I want to share a little peek into my personal thoughts regarding Pure Snickety and following my passion.

Pure Snickety’s official product launch starts tonight at 11:59pm.

I am both very nervous and very excited. This is completely new territory for me. I have never taken a business or marketing  class. I don’t have any bank backing me with a business loan or a big corporation behind me. I am doing this all on my extremely modest disabled veteran income.

I watched my parents work in a job that they did not love while I was growing up. I saw how much stress that not following ones passion can bring into ones life. I made a decision very young that if I found what makes me happy, I would follow it and stick to it.

Now, I have found my passion and I am following it. That doesn’t mean that it comes without any self-doubt or stress. It is very stressful, but it is a stress that I am happy to undertake and work through because I love our products so much. I am proud of what I have created. I am proud of those who are a part of this creation.

Whether others decide to give us a try or not, I am happy that I can say that I went for it. That I did my best to follow happiness and purpose. I gave it my all.

I know once someone tries our products, that they will love them! Now, it is up to me to tap into my patience and leave it up to the universe/God/etc. to inspire people to give us a chance to impress them with our quality, our willingness to spread love, and our dedication to creating without cruelty and toxic chemicals.

If you have been considering purchasing our products, please take advantage of our launch discounts and incentives. Give us the opportunity to impress you with our creations.

If you have already purchased our products or have received samples, please take the time to fill out the “Product Review” form located under the “Products” menu on our main website. Your honest feedback will ensure we create products that work, feel, and smell amazing.

A big thank you to everyone who has supported me and my company during this journey. You are deeply appreciated.

Sally, Pure Snickety Founder


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