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Saturdays Snickety Tip #7

Saturdays Snickety Tip #7: Sharing is caring… Save money by sharing you best beauty and lifestyle ideas!

Introducing our “Sharing Is Caring” sweepstakes. Every month we will share a great tip provided by our visitors. The visitor whose entry we choose will receive a coupon for one dollar off any purchase of $24 or more.

How to I enter to win?

Simply submit by filling out the form below. Your tip will automatically be entered to win when we receive the completed email form. For the best chances of winning, ensure your content is really, really, really good =). Make sure it works as intended and is about either beauty or lifestyle (home topics count). Any tip entered must be vegan friendly or provide vegan alternatives, such as, replacing dairy milk with plant based milk in a facial mask recipe.


Only one tip per person submitted per month will be eligible..

Tips must be submitted before 11:59pm on the last day of each month.

You must provide a valid email address so that we can send your coupon code to you if you win.

As stated earlier, please ensure your tip is vegan friendly or list vegan alternatives.

Sharing Is Caring Tip Form:

Don’t care about winning but still have something useful to share?

Please comment your great ideas on this post! The more we share useful ways to do something simpler or create something better, the better all of our lives will be. Sharing really is caring! Thank you in advance from the Pure Snickety team for posting or submitting your ideas. We look forward to trying them all out!


If you found this tip useful please pass it along :-)!


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