Vegan Deodorant That WORKS! « Vegan Beauty Review

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I have been very skeptical when it comes to natural deodorant. I know what is in the stuff you find in a traditional store. I know that much of it is toxic. Don’t even get me started on aluminum! But, without the “antiperspirant” can a natural deodorant really work?

I’ve been considering making my own. I am tired of the “fake” smelling fragrance as well as the nasty chemicals. However, making a deodorant would be completely new territory for me. Plus, with the launch coming, my focus belongs elsewhere.

Enter the following blog post. Now I finally have some direction and two brands worth giving a try.

Want to ditch the nasty chemicals? Check out this post.

Already us natural deodorant? What’s your opinion on the product(s) mention? What are your favorites and which do you think others shouldn’t bother trying?


Vegan Deodorant That WORKS! « Vegan Beauty Review

For the longest time, when people have asked me what my favorite vegan deodorant is, I’ve always defaulted to saying Lavanila. It’s pretty awesome—it smells nice and vanilla-y, it’s long-lasting and it has a slight (like, mega …

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