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Saturday’s Snickety Tip #5

Saturday’s Snickety Tip #5: Keep your makeup fresh…

Many of you have probably already heard the topic of today’s tip. However, it is always a good reminder. Keep your makeup fresh for your health.

Makeup expires over time, just like any products. This is especially true of naturally preserved makeup and products. On top of that, we are constantly exposing it to bacteria on our face. This bacteria can get in the makeup and/or on the brush or makeup applicator. When this happens, no matter how thoroughly you wash your face before applying your makeup, you are reintroducing bacteria. On top of that, the makeup in its container and leftover on your brush or applicator is building bacteria if its preservatives expired. Yuck!

So, what do you do to avoid spreading bacteria?

  • The first tip is: Know how bacteria work

Bacteria grow in water and feed off oils. If a product has water, it will need a stronger preservative than one that doesn’t. It will also expire sooner than one that doesn’t.

  • The second tip is: Replace your products within a reasonable amount of time

Body care products, like lotions and butters, typically last 1-2 years if stored in a cool place. While products like mascara that come into contact with your eyes daily must be replaced much sooner. Typically, every 3-6 months.

  • The third and final tip is: Regularly wash your makeup brushes and applicators

As I mentioned before, makeup brushes and applicators are coming into contact with your face daily. This transfers bacteria to and from your skin, lips, eyes, etc. You could literally be eating bacteria from your lip gloss now. Double Yuck! When you wash your brushes and applicators use a very mild soap. I typically use my facial cleanser, but any gentle cleanser or soap will work.

If you found this tip useful please pass it along :-)!


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