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Saturday’s Snickety Tip #4

Saturday’s Snickety Tip #4: How To Make Your Own Perfume…

You’ll love how easy this tip is! Making perfume at home is simple and fun. Best of all, you can customize it to create your own unique scent.

What you need to create your perfume:

  • A Carrier Oil, like Jojoba Oil or Almond Oil
  • Vodka or a similar pure grain alcohol
  • Essential Oils

The first thing you need to focus on for this tip to be a success is the scent you want to achieve. With so many essential oils out there, there are hundreds of different scent combinations you can create. In the world of perfumes, scents are categorized as base notes, middle (heart) notes, and top notes. In order to create a nice perfume scent, you want to have at least of little of each if you are making a blend instead of a single scent. As a side tip, many companies sell blends designed for a certain mood or physical benefit that you can purchase. Another idea is to look at the notes in your favorite perfumes and use those to create your personal blend. A great resource for determining the notes in your favorite perfume is Fragrantica. They have a database of the most popular to the little known perfumes and colognes.

  • Top notes are typically all citrus and some light floral scents
  • Middle notes are not too light or too deep. They are often floral, but can include the entire scent family range.
  • Base notes are deeper scents, like woods and spices

How to make your perfume:

Combine equal part carrier oil and vodka. It is best to start small, like a tablespoon or two, until you get the hang of it. Then, add the essential oil or oil blend of your choice. Opinions vary on how much essential oil to use for a perfume. I suggest starting with about ten drops per tablespoon. Mix well, place in a glass container with a lid, and let sit in a cool, dark place for one week. The carrier oil and vodka need this time to absorb the essential oil scent. Shake the perfume well at least once a day.

Side tips:

  • The perfume will get stronger the longer it sits. I have one that I created months ago that was very light in the beginning. Now, it is stronger than most commercial perfumes yet, it doesn’t contain any synthetics or chemicals!
  • Always avoid using plastic with essential oils until they are well diluted by a carrier oil.
  • Essential oil absolutes are extremely strong and heady. They should always be heavily diluted before evaluating their scent unless you are used to them straight. Jasmine oil, for example, is a wonderful scent. However, one drop of Jasmine is as strong as ten or more drops of another oil.

Try using one or more of these essential oils to create a unique blend:

  • For top notes: orange sweet, tangerine, grapefruit, lemon, mandarin, clementine, lavender, bergamot (berpene free)
  • For middle notes: any floral, jasmine, chamomile, rosewood, rose, neroli, ylang ylang, davana (creates a unique scent when combined with a persons chemistry)
  • For base notes: benzion, vanilla, cedarwood, Australian or Amyris sandalwood, frankincense, myrrh

We would love to know what you create! What was your favorite oil to work with? Did you create your own blend, purchase one, or use a single oil? Let us know by responding here.

If you found this tip useful please pass it along :-)!

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