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Saturday’s Snickety Tip #2

Snickety Tip #2: Using oil to clear acne and balance and combination and oily skin


Yes, I did just say that oil is good for acne and oily skin! Interesting tip, right?

If you’re like me, you have always believed that in order to clear acne you must use oil free skin and body care products. We hear it all the time, use oil free foundation, lotion, etc. to keep from clogging pores and creating a nasty, shiny layer of oil on the skin. When it comes to most over the counter products, it is true that you want to look for oil free products. Why? Because the oil they tend to use is mineral oil and mineral oil is derived from petroleum and really does nothing for your skin except give the “appearance” and “feel” of being moisturized. In truth, it is a chemically derived oil that has no health benefits at all.


Would you believe me if I told you that natural oils are different? You should…

I’m not talking essential oils here, although many have wonderful benefits for acne prone skin. I am talking about regular oils; like almond oil, coconut oil, olive oil, etc. I am also not talking about all of the natural oils out there. Some of them are great for dry, mature skin, but are not so great for acne prone, combination, or oily skin.


So, what is the Snickety tip?

If you have acne prone, combination, and / or oily skin, reach for jojoba and grape-seed oil. Both oils assist with naturally balancing the oils in the skin. This means if your skin is over active in the oil department, using these oils will actually cause your skin to be less oily. Yep, it’s true! If your skin is too dry, it will cause the skin to be less dry. Balance is the key to this tip.


Why balance and how does that clear acne?

When your skin is in balance, it produces less acne. This is because the natural balance of oils creates a natural barrier that protects against bacteria and pollution. In other words, the environment is less acne friendly.


So, next time you moisturize, place a drop or two of jojoba or grape-seed oil in your moisturizing lotion. Not only will your skin be balanced over time, it will be less likely to scar and wrinkles will appear less obvious.


If you found this tip useful please pass it along :-)!

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