Why Soap Suds Aren’t Good For You

Soap Suds Get You Too Clean…

Most people love the feel of a good lather of soap suds when they wash. We tend to think that the more suds it makes, the more it is working to get you clean. Sure, it is getting you clean alright, but what if it is getting you too clean? Yes, that is actually possible and more common that you may think.

It all has to do with the PH level of your skin and your soap or body wash. Your skin has a very acidic PH level. Most people’s skin is around a 5.5 PH. Soaps tend to have a very alkaline PH level. Most soaps are as high as 9.5 or 10 PH. Why is this a problem?

Your skin has a natural oil barrier. It protects you from little nasty germs and keeps you naturally moisturised. This layer is an essential part of healthy skin. When your skin is washed with a non-PH Balanced soap, the soap strips your natural moisture layer right off. This is very harsh to the skin and can cause a lot of irritation and dryness.

Soap making companies know this and they know much more about it than I do. Yet, they still make their soaps alkaline because the more alkaline it is, the more sudsy lather you get. People like the lather. Lather sells! So, what do these companies do? They try to make up for the irritation by adding in other ingredients, like oils, to replace the natural moisture layer the soap stripped off.

So, what does this all mean?

Look for a PH balanced soap or body wash. It should be labelled or list a PH balance of 4.5-5.5. Next, understand that you do not need a soap or body wash to produce suds in order to get clean. Natural soaps and washes that do not have the drying ingredients that cause a soap so lather clean better than those that do. How do they clean without the lather? Some ingredients have hydrophilic molecules and others have lipophilic molecules. These molecules combine to bind to dirt and oils on your skin and rinse them away. It all sounds very scientific, I know. It works though and it works naturally and without irritation.

This doesn’t only apply to body washes and soaps. The same is true for hair shampoo and conditioner. For information on PH balancing your hair check out this wiki how post: http://www.wikihow.com/Balance-pH-in-Hair-Naturally

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