Sunscreen Thay May Cause Cancer

How does your sun screen stand up?

How about the sunscreen you use on your children?

If you spend any length of time in the sun, you probably and should use sunscreen. But, what if the sunscreen you are using to protect yourself against skin cancer has ingredients that are known to cause cancer? Now that we are in the middle of summer, it’s a perfect time to take a closer look at your sunscreen, and most importantly, the brand you use on your children. The ECW has done all the work for you by providing you a list of the worst offenders in children’s sunscreen.


Excerpt from ECW’s 2012 Hall of Shame Sunscreen Report…

Children’s Sunscreens That Fail the Test

EWG’s research into this year’s crop of sunscreens revealed that many products advertised for babies and kids are formulated with safer, more effective ingredients than those in other products.

Still — buyer beware! There are still many children’s products that don’t meet the mark. Here are a few shameful trends and products in the 2012 sunscreen crop.

Continue reading at: 2012 Hall of Shame | EWG’s Skin Deep® | 2012 Sunscreen Report

Recent Update:

As a side note to my original post, I feel it is worth mentioning a few key ingredients that have natural sun blocking effects. It is worth looking into these ingredients on the EWG’s Website as many “natural” sunscreens use them frequently.

The two most common ingredients are titanium dioxide and zinc oxide. Both provide sun blocking benefits, but they do so at different levels. If you are serious about protecting yourself, it is worth reading about nano particles when looking into these ingredients.

Another lesser known ingredient is Helishrysum essential oil. It is said to have natural sun protecting benefits and has been used for this purpose in the past.


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