Pure Snickety Poll #1

Pure Snickety Poll #1:

They say a person’s scent memory is very strong. The smell of baking cookies can bring memories of being home as a child. The smell of cedar can remind one of a stroll or hike through the woods. What is your favorite scent family? What memories does it evoke? Vote now by commenting on this poll!

A) Citrus Scent Family – like tangerine & grapefruit

Citrus scents tend to be refreshing and uplifting


B) Earthy Scent Family – like woods & roots

Earthy scents tend to be grounding and boost confidence


C) Floral Scent Family – like jasmine & rose

Floral scents tend to be sensual and romantic


D) Herbal Scent Family – like lavender & chamomile

Herbal scents tend to be calming and relaxing


E) Spice Scent Family – like vanilla & cinnamon

Spice scents tend to be comforting and warming

4 thoughts on “Pure Snickety Poll #1

  1. I like earthy, B. But, I don’t like it when something smells too much like pine trees. I agree with you about vanilla. It always smells good on women.

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